Vaudevisuals interview with BELLO – “BelloMania”


“America’s Best Clown” in a brand new show of his own! With a crazy coif that defies gravity as much as his soaring stunts, Bello and his talented troupe tackle the most towering, terrifying and tough-to-do tricks with jokester genius. The former Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® big shot nails trampoline routines, bungee-style bouncing and handstands on a high wire, “all the while making audiences laugh with his brilliantly comic timing and gusto”

The New York Times


While interviewing Bello in his dressing room 30 minutes before he was scheduled to go on I heard the sound of a little dog whimper. I found out later that his dog ‘Miso’ is in the show too and was just jealous she wasn’t being included in the video interview.


Bello and AnaliseThanks to Paul Guthiel for these wonderful photographs.

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Thanks to BELLO for this wonderful interview!

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