Tribute to Tom Murrin – aka The Alien Comic

When I first became aware of Tom Murrin and his ‘aka’ The Alien Comic he had been performing for many years.

His work in the ‘performance art’ community is very significant and he has many admirers and friends to prove it.

This is a photograph I took of Tom at Dixon Place when it was located on East 1st Street.

Tom Murrin performing at Dixon Place in the alternate persona “The Alien Comic”.

I got to know Tom and as my work developed I began doing interviews with performers I liked.

Here is an interview broken into two parts that I did with Tom on Oct. 10th, 2008.

[responsive_youtube JNj73CnDLv0 norel noshowinfo nomodestbranding]

Part 2

[responsive_youtube RqZPxMZQgOc norel noshowinfo nomodestbranding]


In this last year I photographed many of Tom’s show and always had trouble focusing my camera because I really wanted to listen and absorb Tom’s delightful, heartfelt, political, funny, intelligent and aspiring stories.

Here are  few shots I did in the last year during Tom’s shows.

Tom Murrin performing in the Full Moon Show at LaMama


Everyone I  know who knew TOM MURRIN will miss him dearly. His love for the art, community, friends and family are still with us.

Thank you Tom Murrin



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New York Times Obit for Tom Murrin


Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of

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  1. Hi Jim-
    Thanks for this post- Tom was an amazing artist with great energy. I loved how genuine he always was. I saw you at the memorial, but never made it through the crowd to say hi. Hope to see you in Coney sometime this Summer!