‘tinydangerousfun’ Variety Showcase at The Sycamore Bar – Jan. 25th, 2011

The hosts for the evening’s festivities are John Leo and Andy Sapora.

The show was great and they had an idea it would be!

~ ~ ~

Billy Dee Bedlam

The janitor never was this wild when I had one in my school.

Broom in one hand and ‘what’ in the other! Hiccup!

Down to his underwear in a real stretch~

Flying off the stage on his broom and clothed in ‘what’? Whew!!!! Wild man!

~ ~ ~

Ragdoll Engine Collective

Alyson Perry and Mary Cavett

~ ~ ~

Richard Harrington

Hysterical deadpan comedy monolog.

~ ~ ~

Brian Zimbler

A 93 year old Henry Tzim answers all the questions you can ask him. (In the time alloted!)

~ ~ ~

Glen Raphael

An original song writer (caustic, hysterical love songs) who accompanies himself on the guitar.

~ ~ ~

Marina Tsaplina

[responsive_vimeo 3861090 noportrait nobyline]

A monolog about going to work and discovering there is life outside that world. (funny and insightful!)

~ ~ ~

Will Shaw

A funny juggler who has mastered the art of top spinning. (All size of tops!)

A seasoned professional who always leaves me laughing!

A large top free spinning on his hand is not an easy feat!

~ ~ ~

John Leo and Andy Sapora going over the artist’s cue cards. Did they really read them before the show?

~ ~ ~

Tanya Solomon – Stage Manager

~  ~ ~

Alaska Thunderfu*k 5000 and Handsome Jeremy

A wild and delicious trip to the other side of the music spectrum!

See for yourself!

Alaska Thunderfu*k 5000 singing her/his heart out!

Handsome Jeremy accompanies Alaska on the Keyboards.

A wild and crazy song for the audience.

~ ~ ~

Curtain Call

The next ‘tinydangerousfun’ variety show will happen on Feb 22, 2011.

~ ~ ~ ~

Photographs © 2011 Jim Moore

Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com