Theater for the New City Presents a Bold New Rock Opera: ‘KILLING REPUBLICANS’ by Dick D. Zigun

Cover of program and poster for the show!

What happens in the conversation when actress Jodie Foster, a Nigerian Afrobeat star, and her Mississippi oilman husband get drunk together in first class on a transatlantic flight?

In-flight magic with the delightful talents of Ava Jones (@avajonesx) and Gabriel Winkler (@gabowinkler), making every moment on board truly charming.

Abby Gumpper (@abbygumpper) brings Jody Foster to life on stage, delivering a powerhouse performance filled with musical prowess and infectious gusto.

‘Killing Republicans‘ is not an endorsement of violence; rather, it serves as an intellectual exploration, set to the beats of Rock ‘n Roll, delving into the history of violence associated with the Republican Party. The entire production unfolds through sung segments or recitative, showcasing a diverse range of styles, including rockabilly, death metal, Willie Nelson, Beatles, and Punk.”

Edwin Vazquez as the spirited Billybob from Biloxi and Queen Kolenz Koluchi as his wife Goodness Gracious harmonize in a lively scene, with flight attendants peeking from the first-class seats, adding to the upbeat ambiance.

Queen Kolenz Koluchi, portraying the vibrant Goodness Gracious, captivates the audience with soulful blues melodies throughout the performance.

In this tale, actress Jodie Foster finds herself unexpectedly confined to the first-class cabin of a transatlantic flight with two high-profile individuals: Goodness Gracious, a Nigerian Afrobeat sensation earnestly studying for her USA Citizenship Test, and her husband, Billybob From Biloxi, a Rockabilly aficionado and Mississippi oil tycoon. Little does Foster know, the couple is privy to the unsettling fact that she inadvertently played a role as the enigmatic muse for John Hinckley‘s notorious attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Billybob from Biloxi (Edwin Vazquez) captivates the audience with a delightful blend of charm and talent, delivering one of the enchanting songs in this whimsical and extraordinary ‘rock opera’.”

While the opera’s title may imply an anti-Republican stance, it subtly explores the idea that the Republican Party has a history of progressive initiatives and has faced consequences for them. As the narrative unfolds, a Rock ‘n Roll rendition of Walt Whitman‘s poignant poem on Lincoln’s demise, “O Captain! My Captain!” emerges towards the conclusion, adding a unique musical perspective to the exploration of historical themes.

Jody Foster, Billybob from Biloxi, and Goodness Gracious sing one of the terrific songs, ‘OMG You Were In Taxi Driver’.

The concept behind this project was to extract language from everyday conversation and craft a play seamlessly doubling as a rock concert. Predominantly infused with a light verse reminiscent of beat poetry, the opera unfolds through a combination of sung segments and music scored beneath dialogues. As Zigun points out, while the chorus and rhyming may not mirror authentic spoken language, they form the dynamic essence of Rock ‘n Roll’s expressive power.

AbbyGumpper, Ava Jones, Gabriel Winkler, Edwin Vazquez, and Queen Koleurz Koluchi take their well-deserved curtain call.

The concept and libretto are by Dick D. Zigun. Composer/Musical Director is Arturo “Artie” Rodriguez. The director is vagabond (lowercase spelling is correct). Production Manager is Omar Villegas. The musicians are Jordan Rodríguez on drums and percussion, John Plenge on guitar and keyboards, and JOrdan (Rothstein) [irregular spelling and parentheses are correct] on piano and keyboards. Abraham Lincoln‘s Top Hat is designed by Erin Mathewson. 

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