The Hey-Ya Brothers entertain!

Today I was at the Danny Kaye theatre located in Hunter College. It is a very warm and beautiful theatre. The sunday show was a benefit for MAKING HEADWAY. The audience was very receptive to the Hey-Ya Brothers. Joel Jeske, Christopher Lueck and Michael Richter. An amazing mixture of chemistry with these ‘brothers’. I was so moved by the show and the performers extremely sensitive and hysterically funny relationship to the audience ‘volunteers’. They had them all playing and clowning around with smiles from ear to ear. A performer’s ability to communicate with an audience member while performing and making that person relate with belief… is a note worthy quality of a seasoned professional. I did hope to see the variety show I had heard about and they delivered with such ‘gusto’.

The Hey-YA Brothers © 2010 Jim Moore / All Rights Reserved

The show had many different little adventures that the audience suddenly realized they wanted to go along with. A pie throwing piece was hysterical when the ‘Brothers’ convinced a loving dad to accept the fact that his 6 year old child was going to have the privilege and pleasure of throwing one pie into their face. I think it would have been one of my most memorable moments had it happened to me.

The slack wire act by Michael Richter was delightful and well crafted. Rings, unicycle, comedy and the hard to imagine feat of walking on a slack wire.

The show was paced well and the ‘Brothers’ used an easel and titled placards to keep the show going. I enjoyed the ‘STALL’ card as one of the brother’s had to prepare for the next segment.

If you have any ideas about variety and slapstick that ring true to your heart then make sure you see the Hey-YA Brothers when they are in town!

Jim R. Moore


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