The Clown Un-Masked – Keith Nelson

Keith Nelson in the studio.

Portrait of KINKO the CLOWN for this presidential campaign (Kinko for President) last time around.

Keith has many characters that he does in his life but Kinko seems to get the most work.

Studio shot of Kinko.

Keith Nelson awarding the CLOWN OF THE YEAR award at The Golden Nose Awards Ceremony.

Among the many activities that Keith takes into his stride is The Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue.

During this ‘first Monday of every month’ occurrence at Galapogos Art Space Keith attempted and successfully completed a very difficult trick. The Kendama Blockhead. See it done here by Keith.

Along with this monthly event he also produces shows and events all over the country with the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus.

(along with his wife and performing partner Stephanie Monseau.)

Check out this recent interview of Keith.

Angry Clowns: Don’t Call Washington Politics ‘a Circus



Jim R. Moore


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