Super Spectacular! To Opera with Love – Dononvan Ensemble – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

2 Showmen – 6 Operas – 1 hysterical hour!

Merril Garrick and his assistant Emmett take the audience on a roller coaster ride of hilarity by presenting absurdly reinvented seven-minute versions of the world’s greatest operas.

Johnnie Niel (Emmett) and Joe Kolbow (Merril Garrick) perform their wonderful OPERA tribute…

Emmett helps Merril Garrick with his coat. (all thru the show)

They perform complete operas ranging from Carmen to La Boheme to …

….Madame Butterfly

Emmet (with his traveling poncho) and Merril are ready to finish the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on the Donovan Ensemble go HERE!

Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of