Sinatra Simulcra – starring Jonny Cigar at Dixon Place – April 14th, 2011

Sinatra: born 1915, died 1998. Hits include, “That’s Life” and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” Won the Academy Award in 1953 for his role as Maggio in From Here to Eternity.

Simulacra: (noun). Implies an unsatisfactory imitation or representation.

The Noble Rot’ brought the wonderful and cocktail loaded Las Vegas enviornment to Dixon Place for One Night Only!

It was a ‘casino’ and ‘cocktail bar’ and ‘Jonny Cigar’ sang his way through a mix of Sinatra’s hits and never-before-heard material.

Jokes and monologues kept the hour going well and the videos of Frank Sinatra (the real one) singing with Jonny Cigar keeping sync were wonderful.

A great 7 piece band  lead by DANIEL BARNIDGE was a great asset for the audience and Jonny Cigar.

Jonny Cigar in one of his delightfully funny monologues.

Singing along with a video projection of Frank Sinatra.

Jonny Cigar getting emotional during his rendition of  “That’s Life.”

If you see any events in town presented by The Noble Rot I would check it out! I had a great time.

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1 a traveling wine saloon.
2 a place to learn about wine (esp. while drinking wine).
3 a moveable feast.
4 includes: musical/theatrical performances.

1 mix socially with others.

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