Reverend Billy and the Church of Earthalujah – Theatre 80 St. Marks

April 17th, 2011

Welcome to The Church of Earthalujah

My first contact with Rev. Billy was seeing him at BAM when the film WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY premiered a few years ago,

He was present at the showing and the audience was ‘applauding hysterically’ at the film and his cause!

I attended this service (which happens every Sunday at Theatre 80 St. Marks)and witnessed a community spirit that was overwhelming.

Rev. Billy has a commanding stage presence and his 40 person choir is beautiful in their choral support.

His message is clear and he backs up his ‘preaching’ with facts and guests that all are pointing to the same cause.

The Earth is being comprised by the greed of CEO’s of large corporations and their short sighted, disrespectful treatment of water, animals and people.

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Sabrina Artel and YES MEN were Rev. Billy’s guests at this service.

I suggest you attend this wonderful evening of song and community spirited  preaching by Rev. Billy!

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Jim R. Moore


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