Wild West Show presented by The Miller Brothers

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Actors: Miller Bros.

Show: Ranch Wild West Show

Year/Date: 1926

About the Show

“Touring from 1907 to 1916 and 1925 to 1931, the Miller Brothers’ 101 Ranch Wild West show visited England, contingents of it toured Latin America, and 101 performers often traveled with circuses in Europe and Russia. Modified versions of the 101 show continued to appear until 1949. The Millers emphasized that they and their father, Joseph, had participated in Oklahoma’s tumultuous “Wild West” past as cattle drivers and traders, friends of the Ponca, and ranchers who had established the sprawling 101. Publicity trumpeted their enthusiasm for Oklahoma and touted the 101 Ranch as the nation’s leader in agribusiness. The Millers stressed that they were businessmen-ranchers, not cowboys, whom they regarded as colorful but less significant than ranchers. Oklahoma newspapers hailed the 101 Ranch Wild West show as Oklahoma’s best publicity organ, and Gov. Charles N. Haskell allowed his son Joe to travel with the troupe and ride in its street parades in 1909. When the 101 Ranch collapsed in the Great Depression, so did the brothers’ offshoot enterprise.”
Excerpt from Oklahoma’s Historical Society’s article Wild West Shows and Performers.

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