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FREE – collectible Rose’s Royal Midgets postcard!

A BIG STORY about little people!
Rose’s Royal Midgets and Other Little People of Vaudeville
Written by Trav SD and Foreward by James Taylor
With personal remembrances and photographs from the daughter of Gladys Farkas (one of the original members of the company)
Vintage collectible postcards will be reproduced in the book which were originally
sold by the performers at their shows.
The last book devoted to the wonderful performances of ‘little people’ was in 1980.
~ Published by Vaudevisuals Press ~

“Without pandering nor passing judgment this book documents in detail the performers, producers, the stage routines themselves and the various venues from those straight up and upscale to others shameful and shady. This book probes both the Dark and the Dazzling sides of the American Imagination. Only rare books like this seriously confront our more bizarre past and allow the new generations of show folk to revise to reinvent to reform American Theater.”
Dick Zigun ~ Founder/Director ~ Coney Island USA

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