Polygraph Lounge – Mark Stewart and Rob Schwimmer

The wall in Mark’s studio is decorated with unique and eclectic instruments.

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“Mind-numbing virtuosity and rib-tickling wit — that’s Polygraph Lounge. They take words and music apart and put them back together in astonishing and hilariously unexpected ways.”

Peter Schickele, discoverer of P.D.Q. Bach

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Mark Stewart and Rob Schwimmer are very unique musicians. A ‘click’ on their names and you can fine out why!

I was happy to have the invitation to interview them in the studio where they rehearse.

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The duo called Polygraph Lounge is Mark Stewart and Rob Schwimmer. Together they create new music and perform some of the classics of Spike Jones and other eccentric and delightfully odd music pioneers. I had the chance to meet with them in their rehearsal studio and got a bit of insight into their zany and musically talented work.

Mark told me that he had a song which explained in music what he and Rob do to create their original songs and mayhem.

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Here is an clip from the concert they performed in France at the Marciac Jazz Festival.

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See them perform live at Joe’s Pub this coming December 14th.

You will laugh out loud!!!

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“Bobby McFerrin needs no help in entertaining a crowd. Even so, this afternoons collaboration with the zany Polygraph Lounge (at Carnegie Hall) ought to be especially memorable for young and old alike.”




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