Pat Oleszko’s ‘Row v Wade’ Parade~A Procession with a Mission.

The Polar Bear is selling a building during the parade!
The World is worried about its Oceans getting polluted.

Support the art, support the artists involved, but most importantly, support the changes we must make to insure our existence on this glorious Planet Earth.

A young bicyclist passes the parade and smiles with her eyes.
A scooter-riding fan gives her approval with a huge smile.

Pat Oleszko, the Ms Tricks of Dis Guise, is a-dressing the very real and present issue of climate change in the shoreline region of Lower Manhatten. In a very few years, the area will be rec-claimed by the Hudson River and submerged 3 feet under water. Certainly not a cause for celebration, it is however a time for mitigation. Many have sounded the
alert but few have succeeded with long-term plans. Now is the time, with Pomp and Circus/stance for a more vivid demonstration of what’s to come. The adults are lost, yet the children see. Support Greta and her gang and slow the whorl-d to savor the future!


Row v Wade is a parade of notions and emotions

Helen Highwater leads a parade of desperados including a few fur-ious Bi-Polar Bears followed by Helen DePloy riddled with plastics, a worried and weepy World, all marching to the tunes of the sassy Brass Queens, the all-female, with some honorary buoys leading the way down the Battery Park Esplanade to the Liberty and Staten Island Ferries, places that will be awash in seawater in 30 years—unless we do something about it!

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of