NOTORIETY VARIETY – San Francisco’s Variety Arts Project

Variety with an edge!

A month ago I visited San Francisco and had lunch with a good friend of mine, Judy Finelli. We knew one another from when she use to perform in Central Park as a juggler. 

She is now focusing on a project called “Notoriety Variety” and it is quite ambitious!

Here is her ‘Mission Statement’.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 6.47.46 PM

She has quite a resume to back up her dream and I expect her to achieve her goal.

Here are some photographs and videos.

Judy Finelli juggling in Central Park with Circo dell’ Arte. (c. 1969)

Finelli, Judy - Pickle Family Circus - c. 1982-83Judy Finelli juggling in the Pickle Family Circus. (c.1982-3)

Comment by Judy Finelli

“this was way before everybody had cell phones. There is a very brief eight clubs, but the one where where we catch them with Hovey, catching five is actually 10 clubs – we were in the first Americans to do this.”

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“I will feature variety artists from a bewildering array of disciplines, artists not usually associated with variety arts — Tuva throat singers; a percussionist on the level of Evelyn Glennie; an early music a Capella ensemble — Euouae; the fusion of cutting edge lights and electronic dance music such as performed by Enra, concert-level ragtime pianist Larisa Migachyov, etc. There will be flamenco dancers, vibraphone players, rope-spinners, and tap-dancing jugglers galore.”

For more information on NOTORIETY VARIETY go to their website
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To help this wonderful, vital project you can make donations here. Make sure you ‘earmark’ the donation to NOTORIETY VARIETY in the drop down “Special Purposes” section.

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