Movement Theater Studio – A Physical Actor’s Bootcamp

When an individual thinks about becoming an actor they assume it means taking ‘acting classes’.

What is called ‘working from the inside out’. Learning a technique to act! StanislavskiMethod Acting – etc.

The most interesting training an actor can really have is ‘physical theater’ training. This is where the actor learns to act ‘from the outside in’.

I have been an advocate of the technique of French master Jacques Lecoq and his training. Many performing groups that I have photographed over the years have been trained by either Lecoq himself or someone that studied with him.

Currently, the show at Lincoln Center‘s Vivian Beaumont Theater is WAR HORSE and several of the actor/actress’s have had this training. I contacted Richard Crawford who is the co-director of Movement Theater Studio and he introduced me to two of his students who are performing in the show. I was invited backstage to interview Hunter Canning and Leah Hofmann.

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After they talked about their training and how imperative it was for working in theater , I then interviewed Richard Crawford and Virginia Scott from MTS.

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