Mime Radio ~ 2nd Season has begun! Listen In…

This wonderful podcast was created by James Donlon and Karen Hoyer (with the invaluable tech support from Michael Dias.) Mime Radio is back with their 2nd Season.

Beginning with a terrific interview with Avner The Eccentric!

Avner’s interview began the season on November 8th (But can be viewed on their MimeRadio website.)

Here is the rest of the interviews with dates to mark on your calendars to make sure you watch or listen in.

1: Avner the Eccentric 11/8/2021:

Nola Rae 11/22/2021:

Carlos Martinez 12/6/2021:

Theatre Movement Bazaar 12/20/2021:

Marko Stojanovic 1/3/2022:

Marguerite Mathews 1/17/2022:

Duo Finelli 1/31/2022:

Gregg Goldston 2/14/2022:

Robert Shields 2/28/2022

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Jim R. Moore


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