Michael Moschen: Abstract Sound with Simple Instruments

Michael Moschen

I photographed this brilliant innovative juggler back in the 1980’s when he was exploring the 3 balls juggling routines and what he could do to make it ‘his’. Many years later I saw his one-man show at BAM and was so delighted to see that he had moved forward in his ‘physics’ and juggling understanding that he was accomplishing feats that I considered impossible to do on this physical plane. Here is a lovely video where Michael explains his work and reasons for working the way he does.

MacArthur laureate Michael Moschen is considered to be the supreme juggling virtuoso of our time, and likely of all time. His creations have been seen on stage, screen and television as well as in leading theatre and dance festivals all over the world. For the past five years Michael has researched the historic commonalities of mathematics, physics and music. He is readying his first physical skill-based activity/game to be distributed worldwide.

“The concept of perfection…I wonder if we will see anything more beautiful than what Michael Moschen achieves with a ball of glass.”
London Times

“In Mr. Moschen’s hands juggling becomes a balletic art. The extraordinary beauty of Mr. Moschen’s performance: he animates crystal balls, rolling them over his palms, around his fingers, and then across his body until they seem to have a life of their own, draws a sign of admiration from the audience.”
Mel Gussow – The New York Times

“Michael Moschen’s performance is exhilarating, virtuoso entertainment…he gamely makes you privy to the secrets of the universe… the special relationship he attains with the inanimate fills objects with radiance. He honors them, gives them spiritual value, reveals their manna.”
The Village Voice

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com