Matthew Morgan’s “Shotspeare” at The Slipper Room – April 23 & 24th, 2014

2014.04.24_MMorgan_069Dustin Fasching as Mercutio spinning the Wheel of Soliloquy! 

2014.04.24_MMorgan_088Brandon Breault as Romeo, Guilford Adams as the Nurse and Heidi Brucker Morgan as Juliet during the banquet scene.

2014.04.24_MMorgan_111Heidi Brucker Morgan as Juliet in the balcony scene.

2014.04.24_MMorgan_114Brandon Breault as Romeo, declaring his love! Or crapping his pants, not sure… 

2014.04.24_MMorgan_120Matthew Morgan as Benvolio, Brandon Breault as Romeo and Dustin Fasching as Mercutio, “Dids’t thou get laid?!” 

2014.04.24_MMorgan_144Brandon Breault as Romeo, Dustin Fasching as Mercutio and Matthew Morgan as Benvolio, Mercutio is slain. 

2014.04.24_MMorgan_149Brandon Breault as Romeo and Guilford Adams as Tybalt, Romeo and Tybalt fight to the death! 

2014.04.24_MMorgan_157Jennifer Seifert as Lady Capulet and Guilford Adams as Tybalt, Lady Capulet mourns Tybalts death. 

2014.04.24_MMorgan_216Guilford Adams as the Nurse, Heidi Brucker Morgan as Juliet and Jennifer Seifert as Lady Capulet, Juliet contemplates her future while Romeo drinks a beer in the background. 

2014.04.24_MMorgan_256Brandon Breault as Romeo and Heidi Brucker Morgan as Juliet, Romeo discovers Juliet’s dead body.

2014.04.24_MMorgan_278Curtain call with the cast and the lovely audience volunteer as the County Paris.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A rollicking great time for all that attended this wild show! 

Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of