Maria Camia’s “Maria Reads a Book” at Coney Island USA ~ July 9th, 2022.

Brendan Schweda introduces Maria Camia for the ‘Puppets Come Home‘ series.
Maria Camia introduces the show to the audience with a very upbeat introduction.
(Left to Right) Fara Faidzan, Mariel Sanchez, and Sienna Aczon
Beautiful costume puppets and a great cast bring life to this story.

Curtain call for the great cast and musicians!

Cast Members and Musicians

Marikata: Mariel Sanchez

Pleasurn: Fara Faidzan

Oilay: Sienna Aczon

Secretary and Coach Ina: Lim Mui

Stage Hand: Haley Gashi

Stage Manager: Sarah Samonte 

Guitar/Percussion: Austin D’Adamo

Bass: Andrew McDaniel 

Piano: Maria Camia! 

Show poster!

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Jim R. Moore


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