MANIFESTO – a new show by The New Eccentrics – Comic Book Theatre Festival

Jasper Patterson and Sarah Al-Kassab have created a new show titled


A Dada-Cabaret, Pop-Up book live graphic novel.

Originating in San Francisco, their unique style stitches together surrealist puppetry, high fashion design and the history of vaudeville trickery.

They create  a seamless, magical world that brings the comic strip into the third dimension.

Utilizing old fashioned overhead projection they create a wonderful atmosphere.

Jasper Patterson sings a song while demonically addressing the audience.

Together with Sarah Al-Kassab they tell the stories from Pop-up books and song.

With audience member assisting they create a side by side pop-up story with Jasper in between.

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June 24th at 11pm, June 25th at 7pm.

Comic Book Theatre Festival


575 Metropolitan Avenue

Brooklyn NY

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For More information on THE NEW ECCENTRICS go here!

Jim R. Moore


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