Magic at Coney! Every Sunday at Noon…

Visited ‘The Coney Island Museum‘ last Sunday for the weekly ‘Magic at Coney‘ show.

Great magicians every Sunday and every week there are different ones! I loved the show.

Here are some photographs I took of the wonderful and mystifying performers that day.

Master of Ceremonies and the magic man himself Gary Dreifus.

Jim Vines was a treat. His close up magic was amazing. He worked with coins &  bills.

David Schwartz did a wonderful set of magic that included cards and mind reading.

Yup! He picked his card after it being buried deep in the frozen block of ice. (notice hammer!)

A few volunteers from the audience were asked to select a movie in their head. He picked it!

Lee Alan Barrett had a great sense of humor and timing with wonderful magic skills.

Lee and audience volunteer are amazed at the rope knot.

 Lee solicits an opinion from the audience volunteer about the trick.

Harry Mandel had a nice selection of wonderful mind benders for the audience.

The burning urn produced the card this audience volunteer had selected. 

With the assistance of 3 audience volunteers to secure the handcuff and locks he then escaped from locks after putting his hands in the burlap bag.

Curtain call for the wonderful magicians that performed. Outstanding lineup.

For more information on ‘Magic at Coney”.

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Jim R. Moore


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