LaMama Coffeehouse Chronicles #124 – Ping Chong

Coffeehouse Chronicles #124 was presented on March 14th, 2015. A ‘free’, interactive, educational series exploring the history and development of Off-Off Broadway from its inception within the Village ‘coffeehouse theatres’ of the 1960’s through today. Part artist portrait, part history lesson, part community forum.

The curator Michael Gamily opened the evening with comments followed by an interview with Ping Chong by Victoria Abrash.

Victoria Abrash interviews Ping Chong.Moderator Victoria Abrash interviews theater artist Ping Chong.

Ping Chong discusses his work.During the interview slides surveying Ping Chong’s work were projected. Ping discusses his early days.

2015.03.14_PingChg.021Alvin Eng (far right) talks about his first encounter with the work of Ping Chong. Talvin Wilks seated to his left.

Alvin Eng speaking at Coffeehouse ChroniclesAlvin Eng talks about growing up in the Queens, NY ‘Chinatown’.

Talvin Wilks talks about collaborating with Ping Chong.Talvin Wilks talks about collaborating with Ping Chong.

Moriamo Akibu talks at Coffehouse ChroniclesMoriamo Akibu talks to the audience about what it is like to work on ‘Collidescope’ project.

The evening also presented video excerpts from “Truth & Beauty” (by Ping Chong, Michael Rohd, Jeff Rose. Virginia Tech, 1999) & “Collidescope: Adventures of Pre and Post Racial America” (by Ping Chong & Talvin Wilks, University of Maryland, 2014)

2015.03.14_PingChg.096(Left to right) Victoria Abrash, Ping Chong, Alvin Eng, Talvin Wilks, Moriamo Akibu, Michal Gamily and Arthur Adair.


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