Jeff McBride – Magician

Jeff McBride – New York City

I was a regular at Jackie Flosso’s magic shop on 34th Street. My friend Jeff Sheridan, conjurer introduced me to the magic community. I use to perform as a mime artist and could relate to magic.

I had an opportunity to do some head shots for then upcoming magician Jeff McBride. He now heads up a school for magic in Las Vegas and performs worldwide with his shows “Abracadazzle” and “Magic at the Edge“.

2015.10.013_McBride.--3Jeff McBride promotional shot by Jim R Moore.

2015.10.013_McBride.-Jeff McBride promotional shot by Jim R Moore.

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From Jeff McBride’s Website

A foremost innovator and among magic’s most exciting performers, Jeff McBride combines mask, martial arts, kabuki theatre, world class sleight-of-hand, myths & stories from around the world, grand illusion – and more – to create electrifying performances that thrill a wide range of audiences.

Founder of the McBride Magic & Mystery School, McBride is an accomplished creative consultant, teacher and lecturer, in addition to his amazing capabilities as a performer. He continues to travel the world performing and teaching, building an extensive network of contacts in the magic, performing arts, corporate theater and academic worlds who share his enthusiasm for all things magical.

Jeff McBride’s website can be reached here.

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