Interview with Masha and David Dimitri ~ Mime Radio #34

In a world where laughter seems to be fading away, one family stands as a shining beacon of joy and mirth. The Dimitri family, consisting of the remarkable clown Dimitri and his talented children Masha and David, has enchanted audiences worldwide with their captivating performances. Recently, Mime Radio had the privilege of interviewing this extraordinary family, delving into their experiences, inspirations, and the importance of laughter in our lives.

The Legacy of Dimitri the Clown: Dimitri, the patriarch of the family, is a legendary clown whose passion for the art form knows no bounds. Hailing from Switzerland, he not only mastered the art of clowning but also founded his own school, sharing his knowledge and wisdom with aspiring performers. His dedication to preserving the tradition of clowning is truly admirable, as he understands the profound impact that laughter can have on our well-being. As Dimitri himself once said, “If there is nothing to laugh at anymore, then we are in a very bad place.”

Masha Dimitri: A Rising Star: Masha, the eldest daughter of the Dimitri family, has followed in her father’s footsteps and blossomed into a captivating performer in her own right. With a natural flair for physical comedy and a graceful presence on stage, Masha brings a unique blend of humor and artistry to her performances. During the interview, she shared her journey of discovering her passion for clowning and the invaluable lessons she learned from her father. Masha’s infectious laughter and boundless energy serve as a reminder that laughter truly knows no boundaries.

David Dimitri: Carrying the Torch: The youngest member of the Dimitri family, David, is a prodigious talent who has embraced the family legacy with open arms. David’s acrobatic skills, coupled with his innate comedic timing, have captivated audiences across the globe. From his daring high-wire acts to his heartwarming interactions with his father and sister, David’s performances are a testament to his commitment to his craft. Through the interview, he shared his experiences of growing up in a family of clowns and the unique challenges and rewards that come with it.

The Importance of Laughter: Throughout the conversation, the Dimitri family emphasized the significance of laughter in our lives. In a world often burdened with stress and hardships, they believe that laughter can act as a powerful catalyst for healing and connection. Their performances serve as a reminder that laughter transcends language and cultural barriers, uniting us in a shared experience of joy and light-heartedness.

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Conclusion: The Dimitri family, with their unwavering commitment to the art of laughter, serves as an inspiration to us all. Through their performances and teachings, they remind us of the profound impact that laughter can have on our lives. In a world where laughter is becoming increasingly scarce, their passion for clowning and their belief in the power of mirth shine brightly. Let us embrace their message and rediscover the beauty of laughter, for it is in laughter that we find a gateway to happiness and togetherness.

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Jim R. Moore


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