Hola! Vaudevisuals interview with Pedro J. Rosado Jr. ~ “Mami, El Ogre, y Pedrito.”

A Captivating Conversation with Pedro J. Rosado Jr. on “Mami, El Ogre, y Pedrito”

Get ready for a remarkable evening of enchantment and cultural exploration as we delve into the world of performer Pedro J. Rosado Jr. and his upcoming show, “Mami, El Ogre, y Pedrito.” This unique production is part of a two-performance evening titled “Two Fairytale Rants, a Dance-ical,” in collaboration with the talented Alice Klugherz.

In “Mami, El Ogre, y Pedrito,” Pedro Rosado Jr. takes us on a mesmerizing journey where he boldly disrupts Bruno Bettelheim‘s conventional analysis of the beloved fairy tale, “Jack and the Beanstalk.” But this isn’t just any reimagining; it’s a deeply personal exploration of Pedro’s life, spanning from Puerto Rico to the United States.

Intriguingly, Pedro steers away from Bettelheim’s Eurocentric interpretations and embarks on a quest to uncover answers and pose thought-provoking questions rooted in his own rich cultural heritage. This performance promises to be a thought-provoking, boundary-pushing experience that invites the audience to challenge preconceived notions and embrace the depth of cultural diversity.

Pedro J Rosado and Alice Klugherz rehearsing for the upcoming show.

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Jim R. Moore


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