Great Small Works – ‘Puppet Cabaret’ at International Puppet Fringe Festival 2018

PUPPET CABARET – August 10th, 2018

Roberto Rossi and Mark Sussman co-host the show.

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Paradox Teatro

Sofía Padilla and Davey T Steinman


In light of expanding border walls around the globe, Migraciones follows the voyage of refugees as they travel through sand, water, and shadows, in search of a new home. Paradox Teatro is a collaboration between artists from México and the United States, communicating across cultures with puppetry, music, and poetry in English and Spanish.

Paradox Teatro – Sofía Padilla and Davey T Steinman

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Kathleen Kennedy Tobin

“Turn Out Your Dead, New York Harbor, 1781”

Sketch for Hulk and Fleet, an excerpt from a work-in-progress puppet show about prison ships.

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Lu Liu and Harrison Greene

performing original songs combining guitar and traditional Chinese pipa, stringing two cultures together.

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Jenny Romaine

excerpts from 

“The Revival of the Uzda Grave Diggers: Part 2” 

Between the bundist bootmakers of Minsk and the dashing sash weavers of Slutsk, there were the Gravediggers and Gardeners of UZDA. Once a musar town in Yiddish Lite, now a sleepy shtetl in Belarus, UZDA is home to two adjacent cemeteries, one Jewish and one Muslim Tatar. This excerpt is phase 2 of project by Romaine, with singer/songwriter/accordionist/novelist Geoff Berner and translator Ben Kline, who followed their curiosity about the lost memories and folkways of the Gravediggers and Gardeners of UZDA and the central role of Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Pagan funeral professionals, all living together in the primeval forest for hundreds and hundreds of years. 

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Nick Knave

“three Billy goats gruff”

Knave is a street, stage, and Burlesque performer coming to us from San Francisco. From all ages cabaret to singing vaginas Nick has his grubby little mitts all over everything “puppet.” 

*Funding made possible in part by the Puppet Slam Network; NYC Department of Cultural Affairs; NY State Council on the Arts; Scherman Foundation; Doctorow Family Foundation; and Puffin Foundation.

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Great Small Works is a performance collective founded in New York City in 1995.[1] Its six founding members—John Bell,[2][3]Trudi Cohen,[4] Stephen Kaplin,[5][6] Jenny Romaine,[7] Roberto Rossi,[8] and Mark Sussman[9]—draw on avant-gardefolk, and popular theater traditions to address contemporary social issues in a various scales, from tiny toy theater spectacles to giant puppet pageants.

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Jim R. Moore


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