Grandma and Bello at The Big Apple Circus

2009’s BIG APPLE CIRCUS show at Lincoln Center was one of the best I seen in a long time. Bello and Grandma have a great time together and the talent is stunning. With a new ring design and great music it was a wonderfully entertaining show.

The acts consisted of Horses with Christine Zerbini and Sultan Kumisbayev, Aerial Silks with Regina Dobrovitskaya, Hand Balancing Duet with Curtola Brothers and Wheel of Wonder with David Martens. The second act  had a great trampoline act with The Aniskin Troupe and a dog act with talented Regina Dobrovitskaya and Audrey Mantchev, an asian contortion team called The Long Twins, amazing juggling act with Picaso Jr. and the flying trapeze with the Aniskin Troupe.

Bello and Grandma pose for me after the show ©2009 Jim Moore
Bello on the Wheel of Wonder ©2009 Jim Moore
Jim R. Moore


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