“Four Clowns” – at LaMama May 23rd thru June 1st, 2014

FOUR CLOWNS is a physical, musical and emotional journey into what it means to be human.

It was a hysterical, surreal evening of humor, comedy, pathos and lots of clown antics.

the cast included the following:

Alexis Jones as SAD CLOWN
*Raymond Lee as ANGRY CLOWN

with a wonderful live piano accompanist Amir Khosrowpour.

Here is a quote from the press release:

The company of three men and one woman, accompanied by a solo piano maestro, have been praised for their vitality, prowess and laser-like wit.  Their 70-minute romp–partly scripted, largely improvised–takes the audience through the phases of every person’s life, illuminating our mundane earthly suffering with grisly glee.  The clowns are one woman,Alexis Jones, as the sad one, and three men: Kevin Klein as the mischievous one,Raymond Lee as the angry one and Amir Levi as the nervous one.  They execute twelve scenes showing life’s defining moments through a clown’s eyes. Their lives and deaths are staged in three chapters–childhood, adolescence, and adulthood–with a musical number preceding each chapter.  We see how their archetypes are formed in their childhood, how they learn to live with them in adolescence and how they end up ultimately causing their deaths in adulthood. Subjects include: parental abuse, peer pressure, domestic violence, child molestation, depression and drug abuse.”

Here are some photographs from the evening an evening of laughter and wit.

A posed shot of the cast from Four Clowns at LaMamaA staged shot of the cast and pianist.

A musical number where the cast sings a song.One of several musical numbers where the cast sings an original song.

2014.05.23_4Clwns_067Kevin Klein tweaks the gut of Raymond Lee.

Four Clowns at LaMama.Alexis Jones(l) and Raymond Lee(r) getting a big hug from Kevin Klein.

Raymond Lee shows Alexis Jones a brighter future.Raymond Lee shows Alexis Jones a brighter future.


2014.05.23_4Clwns_246Amir Levi lays prone as audience volunteer Four Clowns marketing director Sara Waugh helps Kevin Klein (r) and Raymond Lee(l) take care of some rather sensitive issues.

Alexis Jones pleas with the audience for hope.Alexis Jones pleas with the audience for hope.

2014.05.23__4Clwns_411At the finale of the show all the clowns remove their noses and drop them into the truck.

2014.05.23__4Clwns_414Four Clowns cast takes curtain call.

2014.05.23__4Clwns_416Live music always makes a show wonderful with piano accompanist Amir Khosrowpour.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The show has lighting design by Donny Jackson, costume design by Cat Elrod, make-up design by Amy Kubiak and props design by Natalie Miller. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com