‘Flocked’ a clown show – Audrey Crabtree and Gabriela Munoz – Amuse Bouche 2011

Created and Performed by:

Audrey Crabtree

Gabriela Munoz

Directed by Hilary Chaplain

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gabriela and Audrey started working on the basis for this show last March and came to me this summer with some fabulous characters and ideas for the piece before coming to me to direct them, and together we built what you are seeing here.

Chula(Gabriella Munoz) arrives – new bird in town.

Pepper (Audrey Crabtree) makes sure that what’s hers is hers!

Chula let’s Pepper know she’s not putting up with any of her lip.

Pepper doesn’t like the look of her new neighbor.

Chula’s bath time finishes with a big splash.

Pepper takes a bird bath with a Handi-wipe.

Pepper tortures Chula by playing with her piñata.

Scared of an outside force, they cling to each other for safety!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Presented at The Brick Theater as part of the Amuse Bouche – NY Clown Theatre Festival 2011

Light Designer Ian W. Hill

Costumes by Valentina Munoz and Adriana Sarda

Additional Creative Consultant Alex Kipp

Board Operation by Berit Johnson


Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com