Fay Glassman Duo – An Interview with Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman


I saw Jeff Glassman and Lisa Fay perform at the IRT Theater located in the Archive building in NYC’s Greenwich Village in early December 2011.

Startlingly simple and gestural in nature they created a ‘movement composition’ like that of music.

They use a form of notation once they have fixed the pieces. Below are a few of the different ‘notation scores’ for their pieces.

Here is a link to their site where you can read more about their work and past shows.

Notation from ‘Time and Time Again’ 1996

Still of Jeff Glassman in ‘napse’  from the show.

Movement notation for Bunraku piece.

Notation for “Quartet” piece.

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Video Interview

I did an in depth interview with Jeff and Lisa after the show where they discuss they training, technique and work.

[responsive_vimeo 34687529 noportrait nobyline]



Jim R. Moore


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