Exploring the Extraordinary: A Conversation with Author/Journalist Marc Hartzman | Vaudevisuals Interview

Join us for an engaging conversation with the esteemed author and journalist Marc Hartzman! Delve into the fascinating world of his literary works as he shares captivating insights into the peculiar aspects of our lives. From his riveting exploration of UFO phenomena in “We Are Not Alone” to his compelling dive into the realm of sideshow performers in “American Sideshow,” Marc Hartzman offers a wealth of intriguing stories and perspectives that are bound to captivate and intrigue. Tune in and embark on a journey through the extraordinary with one of today’s most prolific writers!

Here is a link to Marc’s books and more information about him here.

Weird Historian is here!

To follow Marc’s speaking engagements, visit this site.

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com