Ethyl Eichelberger @Mike’s Talent Show – Bottom Line

Mike’s Talent Show @The Bottom Line

I have been combing thru my ‘archives’  lately and found these wonderful shots I took of Ethyl Eichelberger. She was one of the many performers featured at “Mike’s Talent Show” at The Bottom Line. 

(For more information on Ethyl Eichelberger and The Bottom Line click the links provided)

Also featured (amongst many others) was author Richard Price who read from his new book.


Ethyl Eichelberger performing at Mike’s Talent Show at The Bottom Line.

Richard Price reading from his most current book.

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 These photographs were shot circa 1989.

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A book and article about the performance art world of that era.

 by C. Carr
Article for New York Magazine about Mike’s Talent Show 
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