EepyBird at Maker Faire – Sept 2017


I met Fritz Grobe at the Celebration Barn in Maine quite a few years ago and I had heard about his ‘EepyBird‘ antics but had never actually experienced the ‘experiment’ of mixing coke with mentos.

So I attended this year’s Maker Faire and ran into Fritz on the grounds. He mentioned that he and his partner Stephen were there to perform once again their legendary experiment. I had to see it!

So I put myself in the front row (2 hours before their 5:30 pm show)and waited!

The audience began to accumulate around 5:15 pm. I was there way too early. Watched them set up all the bottles and the devices they use to set off the ‘fountains.

Stephen Voltz was on the side of the stage encouraging all the kids to ‘load’ the mentos into the small canisters that would be released into the coke. Each one had 5 mentos.

The sun was blasting thru the sculpture directly behind the stage setup. This caused exposure issues for my camera.

I have to say I wasn’t ready for this!

Stephen is attaching a string to the devices on top of the Coke Zero bottles.

Fritz Grobe introduces himself and EepyBird to the audience and prepares them for what is to follow.

A young girl ringside prepares her pad to record the upcoming ‘fountain’ event.

The spray came right at me and I had to duck my camera down to avoid it getting covered with Coke Zero (that is what they use now).

Watch the video introduction of the performance and then the performance. It is a blast.

For more information on EepyBird go here!

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of