“Dream Big” – The Big Apple Circus 2011 Show

This is a wonderful show with lots of talent and a ‘Dream Big’ theme!

GRANDMA (Barry Lubin) assists the comedy magic team SCOTT & MURIEL.

Scott & Muriel perform wonderful magic and are also hysterically funny.

Comedy magic at it’s best. It is funny and very magicial!

Jenna Robinson is delightful as the Ring Mistress at the Big Apple Circus.

Anna Volodko performs aerial rope. Beginning in Russia she is beautiful in her act.

She flies thru the air on her rope and doesn’t seem to stop.

Grandma spits water in the ring with a spotlight on her.

Audience member and Grandma compete with the ‘spitting water’ contest.

Jenny Vidbel is an amazing animal trainer and has been for many years.

Jenny with her beautiful trained dog. She has trained many exotic animals over the years.

Here is Jenny with her trained African Porcupine on a runway.

Here is Muriel Brugman playing the saw in center ring.

Shandong Acrobatic Troupe performing amazing physical acts.

Wonderful costumes accentuate the great physical acts of wonder.

Dimitry Chernov juggling in a almost Sci-Fi costume.

Melanie Chy has amazing balance and poise in this beautiful act.

Melanie Chy in her amazing balance and strength act.

Muriel Brugman (Scott & Muriel) in an amazing display of a large production magic act in full view of the audience. AMAZING!

The Flying Cortes Trapeze act was so terrific. Many members fly and do somersaults.

Ysabella Wallenda-Cortes is the youngest member of the act at 10 years old.

Andrey Mantchev not pictured here. A vital member of the BAC ‘DREAM BIG’ Cast.

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The Big Apple Circus ‘Dream Big’ Creative Team

Renaud Doucet, Andre Barbe, Guest Director/Choreographer, Set and Costume Director

Guillaume Dufresnoy – Artistic Director

Barry Lubin – Consultant

JP Perrueaux – Sound Designer

Mathals Ruegg -Composer

Guy Simard – Lighting Designer

Rob Slowik – Musical Director

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ALL PHOTOGRAPHS © 2011 Jim Moore

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com