Dixon Place 25th Anniversary Donor Dinner – Sunday April 10, 2011


The Dixon Place theater was decked out for this really special event!

I was able to get into the space before the quests arrived and get a glimpse of the wonderful setup.

The food was terrific (Catered by Marion’s A Go-Go)and the wine was delicious.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Dixon Place ‘Fearless’ leader and founder Ellie Covan started the evening off.

The Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening was none other than “World Famous *Bob*.”

Introdroducing the first act of the evening.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Leah Coloff

Extraordinary cellist/singer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Laughing it up with the audience ‘BOB’ introduces the next act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

James Godwin

Outre puppeteer James Godwin performs a ‘bunraku’ style puppet piece in low light. Hysterical!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Karen Kandel

Downtown theatre legend  performs a heart felt poem to a jazz track. Captivating!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Danielle King

An amazing display of aerial pyrotechnics in the tradition of The Matrix.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Geo Wyeth

Musical Maven

A solo drum and piano piece showed us his vast spectrum of musical talent.

Candice Strongwater snapped this picture of a very attentive audience during Geo Wyeth’s piano piece.

[responsive_youtube sfN5AVFWn-s norel noshowinfo nomodestbranding]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Catherine Porter and Ellie Covan award the Donors their evenings ‘Prizes”

Dick Connette describes his original involvement with Dixon Place and Ellie Covan.

Wonderful story and could have only happened in New York!

The 25th Anniversary GUESTS OF HONOR whose generosity made the new Dixon Place possible.

Dick Connette, Composer and former DP Board Member

Donn Russell, The Peg Santvoord Foundation

David Hapgood and Pierre Tonachel, The Katherine Dalglish Foundation

Charles Blaichman, Jack Glazer and Bella B. Sekons, GB Construction

Dixon Place and all those that have attended shows and will in the future would like to THANK  ALL OF YOU!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“World Famous *Bob*” introduces the last act of the evening. From her favorite community in NY.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Archie Burnett and Javier (Madrid) Ninja

Vogue masters forsure!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After THANKING all the donors/supporters and fans of Dixon Place and making them realize

that ‘we wouldn’t be here without you’…Ellie walked off the stage into the theatre/dining area with a great spirit

thinking about the New Dixon Place~

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Those behind the scene people that make Dixon Place work day to day include:

The Board of Directors: Richard Bach, Patricia Flanagan, Michael Howett, Eric Jensen, Emily Morgan.

All of the interns that make the place WORK SO SMOOTH!

For more information about Dixon Place and a calender of performances check out this link!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com