Dead Herring – a performance space/house party venue

Jeff Seal is a very funny man. He is the host of the performances at DEAD HERRING.

I wondered over there this past weekend and was delighted to be entertained by Jeff Seal, comedy duo Skinny Bitch and Jesus Meeting,  and Mark Normand.

Great space and wonderful crowd. Some great reviews of this venue here.

Also, it seems they get lots of ‘new’ groups at the space. Calvin Johnson was there.

Jeff Seal MC’s the night at DEAD HERRING Benefit Night

Leah Rudick and Katie Hartman are Skinny Bitch and Jesus Meeting. Performing their ‘sexual innuendo’ comedy routine at DEAD HERRING.

Mark Normand performs his stand up comedy act at DEAD HERRING. Very Funny!

Standing behind some of the attendees watching Jeff Seal introduce the Raffle Prizes.

I wasn’t able to stay for the music but the following bands were on hand.




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A great place to see new talent and music. A very comfortable, neighborhood vibe!

Cookies, wine, beer and once in a while a Raffle or Auction takes place.

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141 South 5th Street

Brooklyn NY

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