Coney Island USA – ‘Congress on Curious People’ – James Taylor – Guest speaker

“My Sideshow Mammas” is NOT a spiel on sex in the sideshow; nay nay. Sideshow historian and publisher of “Shocked and Amazed – On & Off the MidwayJames Taylor waxes poetic on the sideshow “freaks” (a title both women wore proudly in the show biz), the women who were “Mom” to him: Jeanie Tomaini, billed in her day as “The World’s Only Living Half Girl,” and Percilla Bejano, the famous “Monkey Girl.”

Jeanie Tomaini and her husband Al (The American Giant) Tomaini.

Percilla Bejano and her husband Emmitt (The Alligator Man) Bejano.

I bought James’ book several months ago before knowing he was going to speak at this ‘Congress of Curious Peoples‘ event at Coney Island USA. I had to record his talk!

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