Coney Island Chris – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

The New York Clown Theatre Festival presented the one…the only CONEY ISLAND CHRIS at The Brick Theatre in Williamsburg.

His ‘sideshow’ credentials come from an online course in ‘Side Show Tricks’.

He prepares his stage to begin his act of marvel.

What shall I begin with? I have so many things to share with you tonight.

He is a proud clown that holds the Certificate of Completion from the famous online school.

This was his ‘warm up’ trick. Catching his tongue in a rat trap!

He followed that with putting his hand in a fox trap. Ouch!

Swallowing a sword was next in line to impress the audience.

Innocent audience member gets to turn his head around and around.

He begins to show us the amazing and difficult tricks.

He begins to eat the clear light bulb. Claims it doesn’t hurt his stomach.

This special formula keeps his stomach from hurting.

Sad for Coney Island Chris that his last Finale Trick didn’t go as planned.

OUCH! lol

What an amazing display of skill and comedic talent!

Coney Island Chris was one of the Finalist on the top rated TV Show AMERICAS GOT TALENT. See a video of his act here.


Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of