Coffeehouse Chronicles #128 – Dario D’Ambrosi and Teatro Patologico

Dario D’Ambrosi and Teatro Patologico

Coffeehouse Chronicles #128 began with Dario D’Ambrosi performing an excerpt from his show “Tutti non ci sono”. at LaMama etc.
The event was a review of his work and the company he created TEATRO PATOLOGICO.
There was also a demonstration of ‘warm up’ and ‘acting method’ performed by members of the TeatroPatologico.
Dario D’Ambrosi has been part of the LaMama theatre community for 35 years.

2015.10.17_Dario.091The program included a panel discussion with moderator James LevinFabio Granato, Dario D’Argento and Manuela Filiaci.

2015.10.17_Dario.033James Levin, moderator, was an original member of Dario’s theatre company.

2015.10.17_Dario.099Dario D’Ambrosi began his relationship with Ellen Stewart 35 years ago.

2015.10.17_Dario.074Teachers at the Teatro Patologico.( L to R) Mauro Cardinali, Francesco Maria Crudele, Chiara Lauret, Celester Moratti, Dj Paceccio.

2015.10.17_Dario.089Dario D’Ambrosi and the Teatro Patologico with Coffehouse Chronicles staff and friends.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.58.58 PMStill from the LaMama production of Teatro Patologico  ‘Medea’.

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