Clowns with Gowns – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

This show was a wonderful absurd clown adventure into the human quality of vanity. Two women clowns vie to out ‘beautify’ themselves.Carmen Francesca Maria Frida Ophelia De La Rosa (Adriana Chavez) and her partner is Gertrude (Heidi Rider). Together they play and entertain the audience along the way.

Gertrude (and Carmen) are  delivered to the stage in a roller suitcase and emerge.

Carmen was the throwing the camera a kiss as she was pulled around the stage.

Gertrude was summoned to put Carmen’s shoe back on.

Constant battling on who is most attractive.

Jumping rope holding the ball was a joint effort that was terrific!

A curtain call. The audience loved this duo.


Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of