Cirkus Moxie Brings Back the Circus Every Week: This Show at Brooklyn Art Haus Happened on November 15th, 2023

In an engaging evening hosted by producer and choreographer Madeline Hoak, the audience was treated to a seamless blend of humor, captivating anecdotes, and a journey through circus history. Known for her versatility, Madeline’s magnetic presence on stage was accompanied by charming comedic antics and witty one-liners that kept the audience in stitches. Beyond the laughter, she shared insights into the rich history of the circus, painting a vivid picture of its colorful characters and daring feats.

Lila Lamora captivated the crowd with her elegant and adept performance of a three-ball juggling act. Infused with a blend of technical mastery and a delightful stage presence, she proved to be a source of sheer delight for the audience.

Annemarie Levakis held the audience in rapt attention through a fusion of her enchanting vocals and impressive aerial artistry, crafting an unforeseen delight for onlookers. The flawless combination of her compelling voice and aerial prowess delivered a truly distinctive and memorable experience for the audience.

Jenny Anyone, portrayed by Sarah Baker, made a whimsical entrance onto the stage adorned in a striking white robe and matching slippers, exuding a disheveled demeanor. With a touch of irony, she declared her intent to craft some ‘depressing’ poetry, weaving a narrative that captivated the audience. As she shared her poignant writings, the mood gradually shifted, culminating in a surprising twist as she concluded the act by transforming a piece of written paper into a vibrant flower sculpture inspired by a ‘positive’ poem, leaving the audience with a delightful and unexpected finale.

Shay delivered a mesmerizing hammock aerial performance characterized by lyrical movements and exquisite lighting. The routine was a graceful display of elegance and finesse, accentuated by captivating moments skillfully captured throughout the performance.

Experience the mesmerizing artistry of Kevin Mimms as he takes flight in his breathtaking aerial performance, “Moonlit Tryst.” Channeling the daring spirit of a daredevil and the precision of an Olympic acrobat, Mimms seamlessly glides through the hoop with the elegance of a ballerina, while showcasing the robust strength of a gymnast. Witness a captivating fusion of beautiful choreography and visually stunning pyrotechnical skills that elevate the aerial spectacle to new heights, leaving audiences in awe of the sheer grace and power embodied in every gravity-defying movement.

On November 15th, the talented cast of Cirkus Moxie took a well-deserved curtain call at the Brooklyn Art Haus, where every Wednesday, this charming and delightful Cirkus Moxie show unfolds. The evening was a fantastic display of entertainment, and everyone is invited to join in the fun at this wonderful weekly event!

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of