Circus Amok ~ ‘Escape to New York’ 9/10/2022 ~ 5th Ave – Park Slope, Brooklyn

Circus Amok presents their 2022 spectacle, “Escape to New York,” in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Jennifer Miller, with Lex Alston, Kym Bernazky, Greg Corbino, Pher Gleason, David Guzman, Stephanie Woods
Jennifer Miller, with Kym Bernazky, Greg Corbino & Stephanie Woods.

Jennifer Miller interviews Becca Blackwell & Greg Corbino of ‘Sickfried and Roid’.

Sickfreak & Roid ~ Becca Blackwell & Greg Corbino

Pher Gleason juggling behind the back.

Jennifer Monson performs ‘animals of the world’ for a captivated audience.

Check out all NEWS about Circus Amok at their Website.

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