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Vaudevisuals interview with Helen Donnelly – Toronto

During a recent visit to lovely Toronto I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite women clowns Helen Donnelly. We originally met at the NY Clown Theater Festival in 2012 when she performed her show “Saucisse: A Foo Musical”. 

Helen is award-winning professional clown artist: a rare mix of theatrical, circus and therapeutic clown.

She works as a hospital clown in Toronto and has set up a school that prepares clowns to work in the hospital environment. Below is the trailer for her newly produced film “A Therapeutic Clown Emerges”. A documentary of the process she went through to find a new clown partner.

To purchase a copy of “A Therapeutic Clown Emerges” (DVD or digital), visit
Proceeds go toward supporting our Therapeutic Clown Program at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
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And here is some ‘Foo’ for you!
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Vaudevisuals interview with Hilary Chaplain – “Physical Comedy Workshop”

Hilary Chaplain – Physical Comedy Workshop

Performers of all levels and disciplines are welcome!
Limited class size – 12 students, 18 and older.

Saturday & Sunday, April 2 & 3, 11 – 6
1-hour lunch breaks each day
You must be able to attend both days

For more information/fees/signup – go here.

“Hilary is a master teacher. She creates a safe, playful, fun learning environment for people of all skill levels. I learned a great deal about developing as a clown, connecting to other clowns and the audience. And doing everything with intention and love.” Marian Rich, NYC student.

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“Enjoyed the workshop – great, simple, always needed focus on listening for and growing the game WITH your partner FOR the audience. It was a good amount of risk for me too – started safe, got riskier, but never terrifying. Appreciated you framing the “taking steps forward” exercise as hard to do but good to learn from.

Sarah Peterseil – performer and co-founder of Under The Table, Hospital Clown, Big Apple Circus

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“That hour with you made ALL the difference. You are an incredible director, and it was such an amazing experience for me to sense immediately your talent and expertise and that I could let go and trust what you had to say.

Lara Lee Rasberry Circus Contraption

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Clown Photography The Clown Un_Mask

The Clown Un_Mask – Mooky Cornish

Usually when you think of a clown…you think of a male clown.

But there are a few (should be more) wonderful women clowns in the world that have made their mark. (and are hysterically funny!)

Mooky Cornish is one of them. A veteran of Cirque du’Soleil and other world venues, she is currently performing in LA SOIREE in NYC.

Mooky plays piano, makes and performs with puppets, is a mask maker, accordion player, and always a great conversationalist!

Mooky Cornish in Clown Un_Mask series.Mooky was hesitant to have her picture taken without costume.

Mooky Cornish performing at La SoireeMooky performing as ‘Gloria‘ at La Soiree in New York City.

Mooky Cornish performing in La SoireeMooky gets her ‘volunteer’ audience member to sing along with her on one knee.

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