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RETINA – An evening of Variety Arts at Cloud City, Brooklyn – June 23, 2015

Presented at Cloud City in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Tuesday night, a delightful evening of variety arts MC’d by Will Studivant and featuring the talents of:
Andrew Lynch
Katie Melby
Spencer Novich
Jeff Seal & Chris Manley (Buttons)
Lucas Tadeo
Daniel Passer
and featuring Wayne Wilson and Patrick de Valette in this short video excerpt from their piece "Retina".

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.43.48 AMVV
Will Studivant MC’d the show with humor and charm.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.51.25 AMVV
Katie Melby and Andrew Lynch sing a song of distress.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.47.34 AMVV
Jeff Seal and Chris Manley (Jeff and Buttons)performed some funny ‘knock-knock’ jokes and got the audience rollin in laughter.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.49.56 AMVV
Will Studivant read some Dr. Seuss as Lucas Tadeo (visiting from Spain)did some delightful tap dancing.

Daniel Passer performed a lovely minimalistic ‘whistle’ act.

Singer John Dziadosz sang a song about drinking and what happens when you do too much of that.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.52.29 AMVV
Wayne Wilson and Patrick de Valette perform a ‘magic act’ from their new show ‘Retina’.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 1.06.47 AMVV
Spencer Novich performed his amazing ‘rubber body’ contortion comedy act.

The entire cast takes a ‘well deserved’ CURTAIN CALL.
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Stay tuned for more info on RETINA and CLOUD CITY!

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Vaudevisuals Interview with Wayne Wilson and Patrick De Valette – “RETINA”.

Visited Cloud City today and did a video interview with two very funny men! Wayne Wilson and Patrick De Valette.

They are rehearsing their new show “Retina” which will be performed on Tuesday night (6/23) at 9pm.

Here are a few photographs I was able to take during their rehearsal and the video interview.

The show will also include other performers as well.

Daniel Passer, Jeff Seal, Katie Melby and Andrew Lynch.



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2014 New York Clown Theatre Festival – ‘tinydangerous-popcorn’

Andy Sapora and John Leo hosted an evening of ‘clown short’ films. However they didn’t waste any time getting into their ‘tiny dangerous‘ fun!

2014.09.21_NYCTF_019John Leo and Andy Sapora start the show off with some eccentric dancing and stuff.


2014.09.21_NYCTF_045Andy Sapora juggles some razor pen knives for some ‘ooohs and aaahs’.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_058John Leo pierces this arm with a long needle and bleeds a little. (the ‘dangerous’ part of tiny dangerous’.)

2014.09.21_NYCTF_069Just before intermission Andy and John make an ‘offering’ to the audience of some really delicious cookies.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_071Three audience members accept the offering and are ‘drafted’ to make a short film during intermission.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_078After intermission and before screening the films Andy sets his arm on fire for a more ‘ooohs and aaahs’.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_079More ‘insane’ antics followed this but due to ‘R’ rated website I am not able to post the photos.

Here are links to the films that were screened.

Hilary Chaplain – “Happy Hour

Noah Diamond – A Vaudephone Presentation – “United Nations Song”

Trav S.D. – “Too Much Nutcracker

The Maestrosities – ‘Topeka Tomorrow

Wayne Wilson/Franco Dragone – “Willie Jones: Trouble with Love

Yang Miller – “Humor Seminar with Phillip Dunman”

Jeff Seal – “Lazer Katzenberg

Emily James -“Flag Crew

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The Rotten Plantains in French Connection (via Texas and Brazil)

Here are a few visual highlights from this past weekends performance of THE ROTTEN PLANTAINS.
A collection of wild and wonderfully funny clowns that put together an evening of insanity and delightfully funny chaos.
Pictured below are the cast members that come from far and near!

Patrick de Valette – Paris/ Claudio Carneiro – San Paulo  / Julie Ferrier – Paris / Fred Blin – Paris

(Wayne Wilson and Daniel Passer – Not pictured – Will be in the next weeks shows!)

~ ~ ~

Guest Artist this past weekend – Arnaud Maillard  &  Amy Gordon – Brooklyn NY


Patrick de Valette and Fred Blin start the show off.

Patrick de Valette and Fred Blin acting out a fantasy.


Julie Ferrier

Julie’s character is so wrapped up in her discussion of ‘art’.


Claudio Carneiro


Patrick de Valette









Julie Ferrier





Arnaud Maillard – GUEST ARTIST


Julie Ferrier roller skates herself atop of an innocent audience member in a wonderful routine.


The Rotten Plantain’s cast take a bow!


The show was an amazing, hysterical, collage of clowns on their day off!
IT will be running again at 45 Bleecker St Theatre starting on August 26th for 4 Performances ONLY!

Thur Aug 26th at 10:30

Fri Aug 27th at 10:30

Sat Aug 28th at 10:30

Sun Aug 29th at 7pm

Get your tickets HERE.