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“RUFF” – Peggy Shaw Solo – @ Dixon Place – Jan 10th thru 19th / Part of the PS122 COIL Festival

Peggy Shaw – 2011 Ethyl Eichelberger Award Winner

Commissioned by PS122 & Out North Contemporary Art House, co-presented with Dixon Place

Peggy Shaw standing on a green screen seamless paper backdrop and 3 large screen monitors facing her from both sides of the paper and in front.

A heart felt piece of theater about one’s life, health and all else that seems to matter.

Bringing in to her text (co-written by her long time partner Lois Weaver– who also directs this piece!) a long list of friends that have been her support for the many years that she has been performing.

Music, comic relief and lessons about her stoke are all part of this evening of personal introspection that leaves you touched so deeply.


Peggy Shaw explains the different ways to tell if you are having a stroke. #2


Peggy Shaw sings along with the band in one of her favorite songs.


An exclamation of some of life’s difficult times.


Leonard Cohen sings on screen as Peggy pays respect.


Relaxing in front of a monitor telling stories about her life.

Peggy Shaw and Ethyl on Screen

Singing along with Ethyl who is not far behind her.

Peggy Shaw Curtain CallPeggy Shaw during her curtain call!

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To view the video interview with Peggy Shaw conducted by Vaudevisuals go here!

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For information on Peggy Shaw’s RUFF or any other COIL FESTIVAL performances go here!

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Performed and co-written by Shaw, and directed and co-written by Weaver, Ruff features choreography by Stormy Branderberger, music and sound design by Vivian Stoll, lighting design by Lori E. Seid and set and media design by Matt Delbridge.

For more information on cast and crew go here!

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Performing Arts Variety Arts Video

Dixon Place OPENING celebrates new SPACE!

The performing artists of NYC would not be who there are today without the help of one very brave and unstoppable woman. Ellie Covan. Starting as a salon in her Paris apartment in 1985 she found a way to have performers show their new work without the worries of critics and the press. A laboratory for performing and literary artists. Since 1985 she has had a Dixon Place on East 1st . and on the Bowery and became the resident company at the Vineyard Theatre‘s 26th St. Space. The overwhelming support and success of this venue convinced Ellie and her board to secure a permanent home in New York City. Tonight (12/2/09) she along with hundreds of supporters and performers celebrated the OPENING of the new permanent home of DIXON PLACE. A custom built facility with 2 stages and a community space for neighbor events. Located at 161A Christie Street in New York Lower East Side. The sponsors, foundations and Corporations that have made this new space possible goes on for several pages. The evenings festivities included performances by Regina Nejman & Company, Peggy Shaw, Lois WeaverVivian Stoll, R. Sikorykak, David Michael Friend and Nicky Paraiso. The audience joined in for a song with Nicky Paraiso and the Hot Keys.

Dixon Place website is here!

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