Look Out Someone Else’s Window!

If you ever find yourself looking out your window and wondering what it would be like to look out SOMEONE ELSE'S window...well now you can! This is the window I was looking out of today! Click on the photograph to experience your own NEW window viewing experience. From All over the World! "We're all still strangers, but we're strangers who have granted one another access to our daily window view." # # # # # Continue reading...
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Vaudevisuals interview with James Habacker – SlipperRoom Players

James Habacker is a busy man! When he is not running The Slipper Room or producing shows there he is writing and directing a movie.
Vaudevisuals caught up with performer/producer James Habacker at The Slipper Room last week. He talked about his new feature film that will be released on Oct 15th. "The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man" is directed and produced by James Habacker.

The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man is being released on Friday, October 15th for download worldwide and we'd like you to Continue reading...