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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue – August 1st, 2016 @ Dixon Place

Great night of Variety Arts at Dixon Place!

The Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue

2016.08.02.BindOpnStg_060The opening act (after Keith’s Chinese Yoyo act) was Maks Turner on aerial.

2016.08.02.BindOpnStg_072Host Keith Nelson warms up the audience with his Yoyo ‘wind’.

2016.08.02.BindOpnStg_151Therese Schorn salutes Liz Bolick who juggles and balances everything.

2016.08.02.BindOpnStg_165Keith Nelson performs with his ‘age-old- parlor trick Yoyo.

2016.08.02.BindOpnStg_178Jerlin Cuesta works on some new Unicycle tricks. Juggling 3 balls while riding the unicycle.

2016.08.02.BindOpnStg_223Nelson Lugo performs a magic trick involving a cut and restored rope.

2016.08.02.BindOpnStg_302Michael Goldman and Lauren Elizabeth do some beautiful acrobatics.

2016.08.02.BindOpnStg_410Maggie Neuwald performs an amazing series of trapeze movements.

2016.08.02.BindOpnStg_447Cobra Gold performing a few original tunes. 

2016.08.02.BindOpnStg_500Phineas (dressed in Whoopee Cushion attire) and audience volunteer doing a card trick together.

2016.08.02.BindOpnStg_569Zero Boy captures the audience’s imagination with his oral acrobatics and mimetic storytelling.

Come and visit The Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue the FIRST MONDAY in OCTOBER when we are back at Dixon Place!

Circus Clown Juggling Magic Music Photography

Cirque D’Hiver – Paris, France

Cirque D’Hiver


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

History and Legend

It is natural that Louis Dejean, who led the Cirque d’Ete in the Champs Elysees, the district chose the Boulevard du Temple, called “Boulevard du Crime” and devotes a popular fun to build a second circus that was become the temple of the circus arts. Grace the Duke of Morny, permission to build was granted December 17, 1851. This is a Jacques Ignace Hittorf architect Cirque d’Ete and the Gare du Nord, which appealed Dejean. Work began April 17, 1852 and would last eight months. It was Prince Louis-Napoleon who inaugurated, 11 December 1852, the circus which he would lend his name. Cirque Napoleon emerges of 42 meters in diameter, 40 windows spread over 20 sections, 21 chandeliers Gas, 5900 places. A decoration and outdoor entrusted to the great sculptors and painters of the time: Pradier, Bosio, Gosse, Barrias. Franconi and Baucher are the custodians of the Cirque dedicated mainly to the equestrian art.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more informaton on the history go here!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From October 20 2012 to March 17, 2013, discover the latest creation Bouglione.

At the heart of the oldest circus in the world, find acrobats, trapeze artists, tigers,

dogs and horses, as well as clowns and Orchestra Cirque d’Hiver, all presented by ringmaster.

Ringmaster, Michael Palmer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Redi Montico – Dressage – Italy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anton Monastyrsky – Hula Hoop – Russia

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Regina Buglione – Equestrian

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tempo Red – Ukraine – Trapeze with Tania and Sergei

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Diana Vedyashkina – Russia – Dog Trainer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Irina Bouglione – Pole Dance – France

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Bouglione Jr. – Magic – France

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Trio Bellissimo – Anastasia, Ganna, And Olena – Ukraine

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rob Torres performs with the Cups

Rob Torres – distracting the audience to laughter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ringmaster Michael Palmer with Spanish Clowns “The Mitchels’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alberto Caroli -White Face Clown (Italy) with The Mitchels duo

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The 12 Piece Orchaestra

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Salto Dancers and cast during finale parade.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Also in the program were the following performers which I did not photograph:

The Jaster – Giacomo and his wife Elena

Natalia Bouglione – Straps

Sampion Bouglione Jr. – Juggling Act

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

IT was a grand CIRCUS and the production was stunning.

For more information on the show visit their website here.