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2014 New York Clown Theatre Festival – ‘tinydangerous-popcorn’

Andy Sapora and John Leo hosted an evening of ‘clown short’ films. However they didn’t waste any time getting into their ‘tiny dangerous‘ fun!

2014.09.21_NYCTF_019John Leo and Andy Sapora start the show off with some eccentric dancing and stuff.


2014.09.21_NYCTF_045Andy Sapora juggles some razor pen knives for some ‘ooohs and aaahs’.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_058John Leo pierces this arm with a long needle and bleeds a little. (the ‘dangerous’ part of tiny dangerous’.)

2014.09.21_NYCTF_069Just before intermission Andy and John make an ‘offering’ to the audience of some really delicious cookies.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_071Three audience members accept the offering and are ‘drafted’ to make a short film during intermission.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_078After intermission and before screening the films Andy sets his arm on fire for a more ‘ooohs and aaahs’.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_079More ‘insane’ antics followed this but due to ‘R’ rated website I am not able to post the photos.

Here are links to the films that were screened.

Hilary Chaplain – “Happy Hour

Noah Diamond – A Vaudephone Presentation – “United Nations Song”

Trav S.D. – “Too Much Nutcracker

The Maestrosities – ‘Topeka Tomorrow

Wayne Wilson/Franco Dragone – “Willie Jones: Trouble with Love

Yang Miller – “Humor Seminar with Phillip Dunman”

Jeff Seal – “Lazer Katzenberg

Emily James -“Flag Crew

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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2013 – Highlights of the Year

Below is a list of ‘Highlights’ from the 2013 posts.

The categories are all here. Vaudevisuals Interviews, Clown UnMask, Performance documentation, Silent Movies etc.

November 2013 marked the 4th Year Anniversary of Looking forward to what 2014 will bring!


Tammy Faye Starlite @ Joe’s Pub

 Circus Panel Discussion – From Egypt to Eloise @ La Maison Francaise.

Vaudevisuals Interview with Glen Heroy – Talking about Santa

Vaudevisuals Interview with Phoebe Legere

Vaudevisuals Interview with storyteller Slash Coleman

1922 Max Fleischer Animation – Koko Bubbles

Vaudevisuals Interview with Ryan Landry – The Gold Dust Orphans

 Vaudevisuals Interview with Bushwick Starr Artistic Director – Noel Allain

 ‘tinydangerousfun’ at Cloud City

 Vaudevisuals Interview with Jeff Wirth – Interactive Acting

 Scandinavian Clown group ‘Member of our Limbs’ performs at Amuse Bouche

 ‘The Sister Rosettas’ perform at IRT Theater

 Vaudevisuals interview with Celebration Barn board member Fritz Grobe

 Vaudevisuals interview with Hilary Chaplain

 Vaudevisuals interview with actor Jeremy Crutchley and director Geoffrey Hyland

 Vaudevisuals interview with Josh Luxenberg – Co-founder of The Tank

Vaudevisuals Interview with Steven Samuels – ‘Magnetic Field Theater Company’

Kinematik Dance Company performs at The Fringe Festival

Vaudevisuals Interview with Lone Wolf Tribe Artistic Director Kevin Augustine

Vaudevisuals interview with Svea Schnider – Kinematik Dance Company

Vaudevisuals interview with ‘La Piara’ – Mexico City based Clown Troupe

Vaudevisuals Interview with Ben Model – Ernie Kovacs DVD Curator

Alfred Hitchcock’s films BLACKMAIL and EASY VIRTUE.

Vaudevisuals Interview with Clay McCleod Chapman

Charlie Chaplin’s first silent film “Making a Living”.

“Juggle This” – Miller Theater @ Columbia University

Vaudevisuals Interview with Gregg Mozgala – Apothetae Theater Company

“Strange for Hire” at Times Scare with Todd Robbins

Kawana Trio – Foot Jugglers circa 1919.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 4.14.55 PM

Tom Murrin Performance Awards @ Dixon Place

The Clown Un_Mask – Didi Sanchezco from Mexico

Vaudevisuals interview with Rob Drummond – Bullet Catch @ 59E59 Theaters

PS122 ‘Avant-Garde-Arama’ at Abrons Arts Center

Pierre Etaix films @ Film Forum

Vaudephone – Michael Townsend Wright performing ‘Smith and Dale’.

Vaudevisuals interview with Kendall Cornell – Oil of Ole’.

The Clown Un_Mask – Avner the Eccentric

Vaudevisuals interview with Armitage Shanks

Bill Irwin and David Shiner in “Old Hats” at Signature Theater

Marcel Marceau teaches at City Center – June 1999

Vaudevisuals interview with performance group ANIMALS.

Vaudevisuals interview with magician Albert Cadabra

PS 122 – COIL FESTIVAL – The Curator’s Piece -Video excerpt

Vaudevisuals interview with Nancy Giles

Peggy Shaw solo performance at Dixon Place – “RUFF”…

The Big Apple Circus _ LEGENDARIUM _ Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center

~ ~ ~ ~ ~






Clown Dance Magic Mime Performing Arts Photography tinydangerousfun

‘tinyDANGEROUSfun’ @ Cloud City – Sept 24th, 2013

An email was sent out to all the ‘regulars’ of tinyDANGEROUSfun that stated the following:

John Leo is getting married!!  And tinyDANGEROUSfun! has been out of commission all summer! (ever since the Sycamore bar basement got shut down by the man!)  What better way to surprise John Leo than by secretly getting the show back together in a new location?  He’ll show up thinking it’s for a date with his fiancé but then he’ll end up having to co-host the show!

Here are some photographs from the evening’s festivities!

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.028Miz Sharkey was teaching a ‘belly dancing’ class to all those that attended before the show started.

Andy Sapora warming up for the tinyDANGEROUSfun show.Andy Sapora ‘warming up’ for the covert ‘tinyDANGEROUSfun’ show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To Start the Evening Off – – –

Penelope Labradoodle Rockefeller dances up a storm.

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.117Penelope Labradoodle Rockefeller (Croft Vaughn) dances up a storm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2013.09.24._tingdngfun.163Amy Virginia Buchanan had a few ‘sexy’ songs to sing for the audience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tanya Solomon performing some 'ball' magic.Tanya Solomon performing some ‘ball’ magic.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Christopher Scheer tries to fashion a 'butt' plug out of a playing card.Christopher Scheer tries to fashion a ‘butt’ plug out of a playing card.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Derik Boik tells some great funny stories.Derik Boik tells some great funny stories.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Becca Bernard trying to take off some clothes.Becca Bernard trying to take off some clothes.

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.278Discovering some personal assets Becca Bernard shows her amazement to audience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.288Jeff Seal and his partner Buttons (Chris Manley) take the stage by storm and begin their hysterical improv antics.

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.314Buttons and Jeff finish off their set with some ridiculous one-liners. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.333Andy Sapora and Christopher Scheer attempt to lure audience members to the stage with delicious warm cookies.

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.340After convincing several audience members to come on stage they begin to explain the 13th Act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.344During intermission Andy Sapora blows fire in the street.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.388Sophie and John get tied together with a green balloon by one of the audience volunteers. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.392Christopher Scheer and Andy Sapora were great co-hosts at the show. (When John was resting)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.413Jack O’Somebody (Marina Tsaplina) and Glen Raphael perform together for the first time….

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.453Jack O’ Somebody gets an audience member to dance with her an do a back bend while Glen Raphael sings.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Barbara Anne Michaels. Jester of the PeaceBarbara Anne Michaels – Jester of the Peace brings some emotional togetherness to the audience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.518Zero Boy performs a new piece ‘Walking the Dog’. Sound effects master is wonderfully funny.

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.520Unhappy with what happens to the dog Zero Boy expresses it with his face.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Christopher Scheer performs this fastest magic/burlesque act.Christopher Scheer performs the fastest magic/burlesque act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.572Miz Sharkey performs a ‘space-age’ burlesque piece.

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.581With her hair flying and her hands busy grasping the ‘gun’ in her lap a look of passion.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.603Gio Gaynor prepares John Leo for his ‘transformation’ to a new man!



2013.09.24._tingdngfun.639John gets lifted up by the audience in a ‘cathartic’ experience of passing over to the other side.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.24._tingdngfun.660tinyDANGEROUSfun co-hosts John Leo and Andy Sapora promise each other and the audience there is ‘more to come’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stay informed of what is next:


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‘tinydangerousfun’ – Feb. 25th, 2013

John Leo and Andy Sapora hosting 'tinydangerousfun'.John Leo and Andy Sapora hosting ‘tinydangerousfun’.

Alexander Spitfire warmed up the house with his fire eating.Alexander Spitfire warmed up the house with his fire eating.

Agnes Olmstead nerds the house out with her burlesque routine.Agnes Olmstead nerds the house out with her burlesque routine.

Rush Hicks made the audience cringe with his sideshow antics.Rush Hicks made the audience cringe with his sideshow antics.

Becca Bernard gets her finger stuck in the fan during her fashion show.Becca Bernard gets her finger stuck in the fan during her fashion show.

John Leo and Andy Sapora joke with one another.Andy Sapora ices John Leo‘s ear. 

John and Andy offer the audience 'cookies'.John and Andy offer the audience ‘cookies.’

The 13th Act was incredible.The 13th Act was incredible.

Bobby Phobia buys a 'mail order' trick and performs it for the audience.Bobby Phobia buys a ‘mail order’ trick and performs it for the audience.

Michelle Mazzarino talks with the audience about life's issues.Michelle Mazzarino talks with the audience about life’s issues.

Malia Walsh performs amazing hula hoop act.Malia Walsh performs amazing hula hoop act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

SIGN UP TO PERFORM on the last tuesday of every month (‘cept December) at:

Clown Photography tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

‘tinydangerousfun’ – Jan. 29th, 2013


Andy Sapora and John Leo begin the show.

Andy Sapora and John Leo begin the show – Andy’s upset because John’s “on his side”


Gio Gaynor tells an absurd story.



Adam Torres tears up the room with his funny comedy.



Solomon the Peculiarist, baffling us with her magic! 


Solomon’s audience volunteer was pretty great too!
Audience member plugs something while holding the Community Plug…



The `Speare Bearer blows us away with his One-Man Street Shakespeare 



The best performer tinyDANGEROUSfun has EVER had on it’s stage, EVER (John Leo’s note) : Jim Moore


The 13th Act are super good!



Alexandra Tatarsky is a heart-wretchedly funny, singing “mound.”


 Michelle Mazzarino hits us hard with some FUNNY stand up.


 The goofy musical duo of PepperJill & Jack close the show with a swingin’ Beatles mashup. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to Sophie for taking photographs of the show before Intermission.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Next tinyDANGEROUSfun! will be February 26th!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clown Dance Music Performing Arts Photography Puppetry tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

‘tinydangerousfun’ – June 26th, 2012

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Billy Schultz with a Haut Violin piece about his Pappi Gooper

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Marina Tsaplina

The True meaning of Love is explored by Marina with the help from an audience member.

Watermelon is shared with Marina and all those audience members who helped her out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oleg Roitman (the Human Computer) ask the audience member what year, month and date of their birthday and then tells them what the day of the week it was!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John and Andy tease the audience members up to the stage with delicious cupcakes!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gio Gaynor

Everyone was asked to participate by taking a few sheets of paper towels. Then they danced!

Morris dancing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Arlee Chadwick‘s puppet had some awesome moves!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The 13th Act volunteers were glad to enjoy the cupcakes. Then they were told what they needed to do!

Nobody puts baby in the corner!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chispi el Payaso‘s flower shop.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shameless Promotional Vehicle with an advertisement for their Kegel Kat App

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mariko Iwasa with a tiny, dangerous, fun act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cowboy Frank (Karim Muasher) leads everyone in a hysterical, and touching square dance!

Andy and John doe see doe-ing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


John Leo ends the night with the watermelon on his head and a smile on his face!


GO HERE for more info.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clown Dance Magic Music Performing Arts Photography tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

“tinydangerousfun” – April 24th, 2012

The April edition of tinyDANGEROUSfun was just a terrific show.

Co-hosts John Leo and Andy Sapora start the evening off with a new twist.

The new ‘twitter’ option where the audience can twitter their request for what they want the co-host John Leo and Andy Sapora to do!

One twitter audience member ask that John and Andy change shirts but keep the same ties.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

JOHN GUY with some inappropriate, and quite funny, stand-up comedy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Audience member ‘tweets’ what they want the co-hosts to do.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ANNA GOTHARD plays some fierce original songs!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MARINA TSAPLINA AND CHRISTOPHER SCHEER with a minimalist, sexy, funny, touching turn.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mother Courage the Band wow us with their surreal superhero operatic folk music.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Siobhan O’Loughlin delivers intense poetry

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The 13th Act

the bait.

the catch.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Co-hosts Andy Sapora and John Leo inform to the volunteer audience members about the 13th Act.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jonathan Kaplan: witty, intelligent and funny.

“You see this tattoo” say Jonathan Kaplan in his delightful stand up routine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

SINCERELY YOURS has got skillz!

Sincerely Yours plays bassoon while her dress falls off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Leo takes a moment to show his co-host Andy Sapora how pleased he is with the evening.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sincerely Yours waits in the wings for the curtain call.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TORKOVA setting us up.

Torkova and audience member knocking us down.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Every last TUESDAY of every MONTH is ‘tinyDANGEROUSfun’ at the Sycamore Bar in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.


To find out more about this great, fun evening go to

Magic Music Performing Arts Photography tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

“tinydangerousfun” – March 27th. 2012


The night had just gotten started and already the Co-Hosts Andy Sapora and John Leo were beside themselves with laughter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Glen Raphael singing sweetly, trying to get some action.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gio Gaynor reads sweetly about chestnuts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Community Plug brings the tinyDANGEROUS community together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Who’s needs the Community Plug next?!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kate Brehm with her AMAZING poof!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Andy Sapora attempts to ‘tongue kiss’ his cohost John Leo.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Laura Lee Bahr scares us all with an excerpt from her dark, erotic novel HAUNT

John and Andy want some.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cohost Andy Sapora goes ballastic with facial expressions during the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The 13th Act

The 13th Act perform Too Soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jeff and Buttons are funny.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Karim Muasher finishes the night off with a birthday party and wedding for himself!

John and Andy celebrating Karim’s B’day party!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Clown Magic Music Performing Arts Photography tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

‘tinydangerousfun’ – January 31st, 2012

The evening was wonderful! Brave performers taking big risks!

Andy Sapora and John Leo hosting the 'tinydangerousfun' show.Andy Sapora and John Leo start the show with a ‘new’ musical number.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emily James

Emily James performs a new piece at 'tinydangerousfun' Variety show.

Emily James performs a new piece at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Emily stroked something in her sleeping bag.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gustavo Pace

First show of the New Year at 'tinydangerousfun' at Sycamore Bar

Gustavo Pace performing at Sycamore Bar's 'tinydangerousfun'.

Gustavo was married without knowing he was married…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


T.J. performs at the Sycamore Bar's 'tinydangerousfun' Variety Show

T.J. performs his new piece 'Blink' at the Sycamore Bar

TJ with a meditation on love entitled Blink.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tanya Solomon

Tanya Solomon performs at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Tanya Solomon performs at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Tanya Solomon escapes in her Wonder Minute!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Co-hosts Andy Sapora and John Leo fighting over who hosts the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Miz Sharky

Miz Sharky entertains the audience at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Miz Sharky performs with a sword at 'tinydangerousfun'

Lust and Limerence, with Sword.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

13th Act

John Leo gets the cookies ready for the audience at 'tinydangerousfun'.Cookies are gotten for the upcoming contestants of the 13th Act.

Andy Sapora shows off the prop for the 13th Act at 'tinydangerousfun'

Reading the book was part of the 13th Act at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Cerveza Modelo Especiale perform their newly formed act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Co-hosts of 'tinydangerousfun' John Leo and Andy Sapora show off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eliza Ladd

Eliza Ladd at 'tinydangerousfun' performing her Needle Hang piece.

Eliza Ladd performing at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Needle Hang an absurd /physical / clown piece.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ukelele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn

Three Mothers of Ten perform a sweet rendition of Killing me Softly…Caitlin Davis, Elizabeth May and Emma Reaves.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bathtub Jen

Bathtub Jen performs at 'tinydangerousfun

Bathtub Jen shows off her stuff at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Jennifer Harder as Bathtub Jen, a Steampunk bootlegger.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Mollena tells great stories at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Mollena tells her stories to the audience at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Mollena confesses to a series of accidental pet murders.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

tinyDANGEROUSfun! is the last TUESDAY of every month at Sycamore Bar, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~




Performing Arts tinydangerousfun Video

2011 Year End Wrap Up!


Well… it is almost the end of 2011!

I have posted 102 entries and photograped 98 shows.

I have collaborated on a new project video series with Trav. S.D. called Vaudephone.

I wanted to leave this year with a fun posting so I found this delighful video from the ‘tinydangerousfun’ show that happened in August.

It was co-host Andy Sapora‘s birthday (John Leo is the other host) and in celebration all the women of the audience donned lipstick and KISSED him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I wish every one a Wonderful New Year and hope we have fun and enchanted times!
You can peruse the 2011 postings by looking at the right hand column and selecting the month you would like to view.
Or pick a category and all postings from that group will be visible.

You can find the tinydangerousfun photo archives here.

For more information on the show go here: