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25 Years Celebration~Parallel Exit 2/26/21

You’re invited to a double birthday party.

Next Friday, on Parallel Exit’s Artistic Director Mark Lonergan’s birthday, Parallel Exit celebrates 25 years.

On Friday, February 26th, at 7:00 pm, we celebrate a quarter-century of work, with laughter, performances, and interviews with some of your favorite Parallel Exit artists

I have photographed many of this company’s wonderful shows and I can say that they are ‘brilliant’. Both the director and the company bring so much joy and laughter to the audience. You will not be disappointed if you attend this Celebration!


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Dixon Place Performing Arts Sideshow Silent Film Vaudevisuals Interview Video Writer

Vaudevisuals interview with author/director/producer Trav S.D.

We are all in ‘shut-in’ lifestyles these days and so my interviews are taking the form of ‘internet’ screen videos from remote locations. Here is my first one with author Trav SD.

Upcoming Events Mentioned in the interview!

Smith Opera House screening, May 14, 7 pm

Lower East Side Festival of the Arts, May 22-24 (exact time TBA)

Niles Film Museum Charlie Chaplin Days, June 26-28

Dixon Place Hot! Festival, July 24, 7:30 pm: a lecture on drag, (details TBA)

And of course Trav SD’s blog

For those readers who haven’t read Trav SD’s books here they are!

No Applause–Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous


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Caveat Performing Arts Vaudevisuals Interview Video Women

Vaudevisuals interview with Sim Yan Ying

Today I met with Singaporean native Sim Yan Ying (YY). I had visited her country in 1989 and we talked about the city and its unique place in the world of cities.

Her semi-autobiographical show is all about her growing up in Singapore and the self-destructive obsession she had with white men and the postcolonial baggage, white worship and ‘politically correct‘ culture she experienced.

Watch her interview here!

Written & Performed by Sim Yan Ying “YY”

Developed with & Directed by Renee Yeong Developed with & Dramaturgy by Nicholas Chan

Line Producer Miranda Gohh

Multimedia Designer Cashton Tate Rehklau

Associate Multimedia Designer Nicholas Sanchez

Assistant Director Ava Novak

Stage Manager & Producing Assistant Siena Yusi

Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager Alex M. Lee

Photography by Sub/Urban Photography

Use the code “FLSHSALE” to get 30% off tickets to our Saturday, Jan 25, 7 PM show. Hop on it quick, because the code runs out Sunday night at 11:59 PM EST!

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Comedy Dixon Place Performing Arts Puppetry Story Teller Women

Vaudevisuals interview with Concrete Temple Theatre -“PackRat”

Taking over two years to develop and perfect, PACKRAT is a new multi-media puppetry play that contemplates humanity’s relationship with the natural world. Inspired by the classic survival and adventure novel, “Watership Down,” PACKRAT follows one peculiar rodent on his vivacious journey to discover the interconnectedness of life. 

For more information/tickets

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Art Film Women

Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance 2019

Wednesday, March 6 | Friday March 8 | Monday March 11

FREE + Open to public. First come, first served.

Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, The CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016

The fifth annual Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (FTP). The program includes a roster of more than 25 features, shorts, and documentaries by artists from Argentina, Russia, Haiti, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Japan, Romania, Australia, Chile, Poland, Belgium, France, the United States, and more. The festival takes place on WednesdayMarch 6FridayMarch 8; and MondayMarch 11 at The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, located at The Graduate Center, City University of New York, NYC, 365 Fifth Avenue, at 34th Street.

An annual event that showcases films drawn from the world of theatre and performance, the Segal Film Festival presents an international array of work from experimental, emerging, and established theatre artists and filmmakers. This festival is curated from a list nominations by theatre-makers, filmmakers, scholars, and arts professionals. Please visit the Segal Center at for more.

Co-curated by Festival Founder Frank Hentschker (Executive Director and Director of Programming at MESTC), Mara Valderrama, and Margit Edwards.

Producer: Mike LoCicero (MESTC).

Chris Tanner‘s film ‘Theater of Life/Death” screens on Wed. at 1pm

~ ~ ~

Film Festival. Segal Center
WEDNESDAY, March 6th, 2019
11:30am BRASCH| Germany, 2011 | 92 min
2:00pm JOHN FLECK IS WHO YOU WANT HIM TO BE| US, 2015 | 76 min
3:30pm TACOS DE CEMENTO | Chile, 2017 | 60 min
4:30pm ANGÉLICA [A TRAGEDY] | Spain, 2016 | 83 min
6:00pm RAIN  | Belgium, 2012 | 83 min
7:30pm Short art films
RADIAL: DUNDEE | Australia, 2018 | 8 min
PURO TEATRO | US, 2013 | 3 mins
FRIDAY, March 8th, 2019
11:30am CHANGES| Japan, 2018 | 78 min
1:00pm FINDING SHELTER | US, 2018 | 26 min
1:30pm THE EXTREMISTS’ OPERA| Japan, 2016 | 90 min
3:00pm LOS PRIMEROS DÍAS (FIRST DAY) | Spain, 2013 | 63 min
4:00pm AND THEY WENT AWAY LIKE THE WIND… | Romania, 2010 | 70 min
5:30pm NAACH BHIKHARI NAACH | India, 2018 | 72 min
With director Shilpi Gulati.
MONDAY, March 11th, 2019
11:30am DIE NIBELUNGEN | US, 2016 | 155 min
                          #1 Lagos | 2010 | 24 min
                         #2 Tehran | 2010 | 24 min
                        #5 Beirut | 2014, excerpt | 65 min
3:30pm SONG OF A SEER | Haiti, 2018 | 72 min
4:45pm DANN FON MON KÈR [FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART] | Réunion, 2018 | 48 min
5:45pm LES DISPARATES | France, 1999 | 23 min
6:15pm THE CONGO TRIBUNAL| Switzerland, 2017 | 100 min
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Vaudevisuals Interview Women

Vaudevisuals interview with Mark Lonergan – Director of Big Apple Circus

Vaudevisuals’ Karen Jenson interviews Big Apple Circus director Mark Lonergan.

Sitting in the tent at Lincoln Center was especially nice with the crew setting up.

For more information/tickets!

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Coffeehouse Chronicles Dance LaMaMa etc

La MaMa | 57th Season

Being a big fan of LaMama I present to you the new promo video for their 57th Season!

Upcoming highlights include a session of Coffeehouse Chronicles dedicated to the work of Andrei Serban followed in November by a session on puppeteer genius Ralph Lee.

Also coming this season is the La MaMa Puppet Festival.

For more information on other great performances and events visit: LaMama

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Book Shelf Commedia dell' Arte Vaudevisuals Bookshelf

Vaudevisuals Bookshelf – ‘Commedia dell’ Arte – An Actor’s Handbook’

Commedia dell’ Arte – An Actor’s Handbook

by John Rudlin

There has been an enormous revival of interest in Commedia dell’arte. And it remains a central part of many drama school courses. In Commedia dell’arte in the Twentieth Century John Rublin first examines the origins of this vital theatrical form and charts its recent revival through the work of companies like Tag, Theatre de Complicite and the influential methods of Jacques Lecoq. The second part of the book provides a unique practical guide for would-be practitioners: demonstrating how to approach the roles of Zanni, Arlecchion, Brighella, Pantalone, Dottore, and the Lovers in terms of movement, mask-work and voice. As well as offering a range of lazzi or comic business, improvisation exercises, sample monologues,and dialogues. No other book so clearly outlines the specific culture of Commedia or provides such a practical guide to its techniques. This immensely timely and useful handbook will be an essential purchase for all actors, students, and teachers.

~ ~ ~

This new book by John Rudlin is much more than a re-examination of a theatrical style long past – in Rudlin’s hands, the whole subject becomes not only vital to today’s creators of theatre, but to the future as well.”– Theatre Scotland

~ ~ ~

“John Rudlin describes in great detail every aspect of commedia dell’arte. Having personally studied with John Rudlin, he is today’s master of the masked world. Indepth character analysis, sample plots, illustrations, pictures of masks, detailed background information, and an overall ‘everything you need to know’ by the man who knows better than anyone.”

~ ~ ~

For information on purchasing this book and others that have appeared in the Vaudevisuals Bookshelf go here!
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Clown Comedy Commedia dell' Arte Performing Arts Physical Theater

The Performers Slapstick is Back!

New York City based mask maker and commedia dell’arte specialist, Stanley Allen Sherman, discusses the history of the slapstick as a stage implement turned musical instrument, his creative process, and the importance of developing a performer’s slapstick.

Contact Stanley
or visit online at

Video by Jeremy Charles Hohn

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Book Shelf Mask Mime Photography Vaudevisuals Bookshelf

Vaudevisuals Bookshelf – ‘Apostles of Silence’ by Mira Felner

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And now the Acknowledgements!

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“I find ‘Apostles of Silence‘ indispensable when I am trying to describe (which surprisingly is pretty often) the different schools of movement (mime) that influence my own work and that of many of the great directors and actors of our time. Clearly written and a brilliant tool for comparison of these distinct approaches.”

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Go here to purchase this ‘out of print’ book.