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Philippe Petit’s Twin Towers Wire Walk Gets 3-D IMAX Treatment

Well..’Man on Wire‘ was a damn good movie. I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

But now, Robert Zemeckis is creating some ‘artificial vertigo’ by making “THE WALK” and in 3D Imax.

Let’s see what comes of this million dollar extravaganza.
The movie, which is also based on Petit’s book, co-stars Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon, and James Badge Dale, and will be released in October of 2015.
Here is a sneak peak!

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Handstand on the World Trade Center

While I was doing some research photography on top of the South tower of the World Trade Center (for his upcoming coup) I got Philippe to hold my camera while I did a handstand on the edge. I wasn’t really afraid of this as I had my handstand down and I am not afraid of heights. It was an amazing moment to be on the NY’s tallest building and be doing a handstand on the edge of the roof. No one was around and it was a serene and tranquil moment. The photographs that I took that day became the documentation that was eventually used in the Oscar winning documentary Man on Wire.

Jim Moore doing handstand on top of the World Trade Center @1974